PAKO Wall Hung Toilet, Rimless, incl. Toilet Seat, 36x53 cm, white




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  • Wall-hung toilet bowl, Rimless, including toilet seat (Slim, Soft Close)

    Package contains:

    • toilet bowl
    • Slim toilet seat with Soft Close system, thermoset
    • mounting kit


    • The toilet seat is removable: With the push of two buttons, the seat can be easily removed from the hinges, the seat and bowl can be washed and then the seat can be put back with a simple click.
    • Soft Close system: Slow tilting of the seat and lid ensures safety; using the hydraulic system, the lid and seat slowly fall onto the bowl. This also prevents damage to the bowl.

    PACO sanitary ware has a timeless round look. Includes wall-hung toilet bowl and combi toilet in Rimless design. The hanging toilet can be supplemented with a hanging bidet.

  • Material Ceramic
    Installation type On the wall
    Rim-off wc Yes
    Soft close Yes
    Style Modern/Scandinavian
    Color White
    Weight kg 27.895
    Length (depth) mm 530
    Width mm 360
    Height mm 330