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MAMUT Glue 25ml (25 ml)
MAMUT Glue 25ml (25 ml)

MAMUT Glue 25ml (25 ml)




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  • The adhesive can be used for a series of TEMPLE, IPALA, X-SQUARE, X-ROUND and X-STEEL bathroom accessories (approx. 10 handles sufficient).

    MAMUT High Tack is characterized by maximum initial strength. It also glues heavy objects with mammoth force to the substrate, without the need to fix the bonded joint. Tensile strength after curing up to 22 kg / cm ² . Replaces nails, screws and rivets. It is a special modification of MS polymers, which after hardening creates high-strength and elastic joint. It is not aggressive to substrates, it is ideal for bonding mirrors.
    The adhesive can be used anywhere in the construction and engineering industry or in the home or garden. It is used for bonding waterproof joints in the machine and automotive industries, car, bus, caravan parts. It is also suitable for bonding stainless steel, aluminum, copper, lead, glass, polycarbonate, PS, PUR, PVC and some types of plastics or for bonding structural waterproof joints in the construction industry, bonding concrete, ceramic tiles, enamel, mirrors, wood, masonry , plasterboard, CETRIS boards forming balustrade filling balconies, etc.


    • Immediate and excellent adhesion to the substrate
    • Free of silicone, isocyanates, solvents
    • Fast curing, odorless
    • Permanently flexible, resistant to moisture and water (waterproof joints), weathering
    • Mold resistant, salt water (sea), chlorine, detergents

    Technical parameters:

    • Base / Material: MS polymer
    • Heat resistance: -40 / +95 ° C (after curing)
    • Expansion ability: ± 25%
    • Surface skin formation time: 10-15 minutes
    • Shore A Hardness (3s): 60 ± 3
    • Tensile strength: 2.18 MPa »22kg / cm ²
    • Shear strength: 1.40 MPa
  • Style Modern/Scandinavian
    Weight kg 0.05

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