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PASSION LUX 60 Champagne 60x60, müük ainult paki kaupa (1 pakk = 1,08 m2)
PASSION LUX 60 Champagne 60x60, müük ainult paki kaupa (1 pakk = 1,08 m2)

PASSION LUX 60 Champagne 60x60, sold only by cartons (1 carton = 1,08 m2)




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  • Floor tiles

    Floor tiles

    Tiles suitable for laying on the floor (= like tiles), also can be used for wall cladding.


    Lapped surface, or Lappato

    The lappato technique is used to smooth the surface of the tile with fine irregular grinding. On the tiles, there is an effcient contrast of gloss and matte that highlights the top relief or printed structure. Unlike classical polishing, the surface is polished only at the thickness of several tenths of a millimeter, which makes it possible to use this technique primarily on glazed sintered tiles. With lapping, we encounter relief ceramic tiles where there is a contrast between the trapped top and the unpainted bottom, but also in finely printed micrograph surfaces, which can be reminiscent of satin natural stones after lapping.


    Rectified tiles

    Rectified tiles are also known as dimensionally stable tiles. These are tiles that have been mechanically trimmed to a certain size after they have been fired so that their edges are 90°. Achieved uniform size, consistency and optimum precision give the tile a cleaner finish and fewer deviations between tiles.


    Porcelain tiles

    By pushing into the mold under high pressure remains in the ceramics minimum of air bubbles. It is then fired at high temperatures, making the final product hard, strong and abrasion resistant. At the same time, it is less absorbent. Located universal use in interior and exterior, on walls and floors. Sintered paving is especially suited to high-stressed areas such as tiles or building facades.

    Frost resistance

    Frost resistance

    Frost resistance is determined by the degree of water absorption of the tile (ie it does not provide water to freeze it). For tiles for indoor use is not required frost resistance and moisture absorption is usually more than 10 %. In contrast, frost-resistant glazed tiles have an absorption of up to 3 %. For exterior are suitable sintered tiles with water absorption below 0.5 %.

    PEI IV

    Use of glazed tiles by abrasion resistance:

    Class PEI IV. - designed for busy foot traffic and stronger pollution, eg. Interiors of administrative buildings, hotel corridors, business rooms and offices.

  • Quantity in 1 box (m2) 1,08
    Abrasion resistance (PEI) PEI IV
    Material Ceramic
    Pcs in 1 box 3
    Surface type Lappato
    Tile type Floor tile, Wall tile
    Style Mosaics, Stone & Concrete
    Product series PASSION
    Weight kg 22.29
    Length (depth) mm 600
    Width mm 600
    Height mm 10

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