shower mixer BONN

shower mixer BONN




Rosenthal 2012 kollektsiooni segistid on Euroopa tippkvaliteediga, millele laieneb tootjapoolne 5-aastane garantii. Segistitel kasutatakse Šveitsi sõelasid tootjalt Neoperl ,ning Hispaania padrunit Sedal .

Rosenthal 2012 collection faucets are with European top quality, made from high quality brass. All products are with manufacturers 5 years warranty. Faucets are equipped with Swiss Neoperl aerators and Spanish Sedal cartridges.

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54,90 €

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  • Weight kg 2.0
    Length (depth) mm 129
    Width mm 150
    Height mm 126
    Material Brass
    Color Chrome
    Style Modern

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