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URBINO Space-saving washbasin siphon, black Click Clack drain, 1 "1/4, waste 32 mm, white




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  • The siphon includes a washbasin drain with the possibility of installation as a closable or non-closable click-clack with a large plug for a washbasin thickness of 4-65 mm.
    The most economical siphon with a drain, it extends only 50 mm below the sink.

    A characteristic feature of the ESPACE range of optional cabinets is variability thanks to a wide range of dimensions for both door and open cabinets. The ESPACE series was designed for combination with most washbasin cabinets from our offer, but the cabinets can also be used in areas other than the bathroom (living room, hall, etc.).
    We offer cabinets in color and laminate decors with a structure according to the swatch. Some cabinets can be purchased with a separate internal drawer, or a removable and washable cloth velcro basket. The cabinets can be installed with both left and right door opening - just by turning the door 180 ° we get the necessary variant.
    The cabinets are equipped with the BLUM® TIP-ON handleless opening system. When using the handle, only the TIP-ON system is not installed inside the cabinet. Handles are available for purchase in case of interest.

  • Material Metal, Plastic
    Color Black
    Weight kg 0.46

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