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Abilaud Veda High




2-4 nädalat/weeks


199,00 €

27,26 €/Kg

kuumakse al. 10.31

  • Materjal (lauaplaat) Marmor
    Materjal (base) MDF, Vineer
    Värv (raami) Valge
    Maksimaalne lubatud kaal kg 30
    Materjal Marmor
    Toode saabub kokkupandult Jah
    Värv Beež
    Kaal kg 7.3
    Pikkus mm 560
    Laius mm 450
    Kõrgus mm 410
    Materjali kirjeldus If you dream of an interior full of unique finds, you're in the right place with the Dutchbone Veda. The wall cabinets and tables in this series add instant character and atmosphere with their striking appearance. This comes from the combination of the playful, organic shapes and the warm appearance of the recycled marble they are made of. The soft beige colour also gives them a warm look. This instantly transforms the room into a cosy place where you can feel at home and warm your soul. What's special about the Veda Comes as a coffee table, side table or wall shelf Choice of several shapes and sizes Made of recycled marble in a warm colour shade Designed with organic shapes giving it a soft look Lends it a distinctive look and warm atmosphere

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