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Tumba Artemis Brown






129,00 €

27,45 €/Kg

kuumakse al. 8.08

  • Mööbli viimistlus Pulbervärvitud (erinevad värvid)
    Värv (raami) Pruun
    Materjal (lauaplaat) Raud
    Materjal (base) Raud
    Maksimaalne lubatud kaal kg 4.50
    Toode saabub kokkupandult Jah
    Tooteseeria ARTEMIS STOOL
    Värv Pruun
    Kaal kg 4.7
    Pikkus mm 280
    Laius mm 280
    Kõrgus mm 440
    Materjali kirjeldus Are you looking for a unique addition to your interior? Then you'll love the Dutchbone Artemis. This metal side table is designed with playful, rounded shapes that take you back to the funky feel of the 70s. This look is completed by the earthy tones, creating a warm ambience in the room. Perfect as a side table next to a comfortable armchair or as a bedside table next to the bed. And do you have loved ones over? Then this little table can also be used as an extra seat. So you quickly create an intimate setting – a place to warm your soul. What is special about the Artemis Available in various colours Made of metal Designed with organic shapes for a playful effect Finished with a matt finish Adds a funky touch to your interiors

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